Thomas Maminza

Name: Thomas Maminza

Age: 24 years

Tenure: Since 2015

Produce: Brinjal, Baby Marrow

05 August 2015

His Story:

Thomas is a farmer at the Agri Park H in Komatipoort. He was the amaVeg farmer of the month for July 2015 because he has the ability to take all relevant and complex details required for baby vegetable farming into account to ensure that a task is completed to required standards.

He was chosen based on the following reasons:

  • The numbers did the talking. Thomas harvested an average of 16 crates of yellow patty pans; export size baby marrows and brinjals a day (approximately 130 kilograms on three blocks).
  • His blocks (i.e. production area) are clean and he does scouting for pests and weeds on his blocks daily.
  • He also does well in his tests, with an average of 96% on two tests they recently wrote.
  • He is committed to his work. Sometimes he sacrifices his break in order to finish harvesting on his blocks.
  • He is well behaved and respects his colleagues and his superiors.
  • The farmer were trained with the aim to help him improve logistics in terms of storage and transport and also bulk buying inputs.
  • Record keeping.
  • Market access.

Alucia Ngobeni

Alucia Ngobeni Name: Alucia Ngobeni Age: 45 years Tenure: 7 years (since 2002) Produce: Mainly Gerbera and now also expanding to Peppers, Brinjal, Baby Marrow,

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Maphari Piet

Maphari farming and services trading farm is a farm situated 20 km from Phafuri road near Nwanedi Resort. Nemakonde general trading is sole proprietorship onwned by Nemakonde Wilfred.

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