Turning training into trading.​

Timbali's Vision:
To be the best scalable model in S.A in providing market access to small scale farmers.

Timbali's Mission:
To identify market opportunities for small-scale farming enterprises, and to develop an enabling environment within which they are able to successfully serve these markets.

Who we are.

Timbali found a way to connect small holder farmers to viable markets.  We provide the opportunity to grow into independent, competitive businesses.

Global statistics show that start-up businesses have a high failure rate. Small holders and new farmers face two challenges: Competitiveness and Productivity. Timbali’s enabling environment deal with these challenges.  

  • Competitiveness is addressed by our Cluster Concept where farmers benefit from economy of scale.
  • Productivity challenge is addressed by a system-based management model. We use a yellow-brick-road, Indlela, Indila to make invisible processes visible. Our operations-and-procedures-manual (OPSM) is a tool for performance mapping, training and implementing change.


We provide market access by integrating the loan financing Cashflows with Operations Manual per Crop.  The right planting time, adoption of appropriate technology and quality management, allows alignment with optimal prices. 

We facilitate affordable loan financing and provide the risk management for repayment of loans.  The Incubator greatly improves the chances of survival and growth.

Our Offer:

Sustainable Green Agriculture Practices For Small Hold Farmers.

Meaningful CSI Initiatives for Private Sector.

Broad-based BEE Skills & Enterprise Development.

Market Access for Farmers through Quality Production Processes.

Risk Management for Financing & Growth.

Our Impact for 2022/3:

Our Historic Impact since 2015:

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our VISION is to become the recognised leader that enables small commercial farmers to create sustainable wealth through a model that provides support, training and opportunities, as well as direct market access. Our MISSION is to identify market opportunities for these farmers in which they are successfully able to serve. Our VALUES:

Excellence in Reputation

Science-based Innovation

Honesty & Integrity

Hard work & a sense of pride

Being a Pioneer

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Your success is our success and we’re proud of those who have made their journey into a testimony.

Client Testimonials

"I have gained an understanding of the limitless prospects of our own Incubator due to the exposure obtained from Timbali Technology Incubator. I would definitely refer other interested clients for the agri-business value chains training.”
Aba Eshun (CCLEAR)

"People are used to empty promises, but during the past year, Timbali showed integrity by keeping our promises to our clients."
Mncedisi Aubrey Dlamini
"Timbali offers everyone who enters a sense of responsibility. The model is real, replicable and simple, yet the impact is phenomenal. I am challenged to review my business model and have a clear vision of how my incubator should operate. I love Timbali’s work environment, the team work, the knowledge of all the staff, the inclusive nature of the model and intimidation-free culture.

I wish the agricultural project managers can come to Timbali for exposure and a change in mindset."
Dan Acquaye
"I would like to personally thank Timbali for improving our farming skills and give us practical experience on how to improve our fruit.

Not forgetting the Product Services and Facilities officers who always come and assist us with the recommendations of spraying and fighting diseases in our farms.”
Jane Hadebe
“Thank you Timbali as I have learnt and are able to make more money to pay school fees for my children, Timbali must not end here but must continue to make us grow and become better and sustainable farmers.”
Veronica Repinga
"Visiting Timbali has been an eye-opener for me and has ignited my passion for new untapped opportunities in agri-business."
Sydney Wallis
"Timbali showed me that I had to ‘unlearn’ in order to learn. Thanks Team Timbali!"
Kimani Muturi, AfriBanana
"Timbali gives me hope that we can make it as an incubator."
Dr Emamanuel Adu
"Doing things at the right time to ensure success.”
Thembi Madubandlela
"Thank you Timbali, now we know more about farming and market needs.”
Eunice Mathebula