Our story

Timbali connects small holder farmers to viable markets by means of our incubation-product-supply-chain approach. Most of the farmers, approximately 70% are women, we found to outperform their male counterparts in many respects.  Our approach is simplistic, using the market’s requirements as a benchmark, we capacitate farmers in technical and managerial skills to supply the markets based on their requirements. We top the service up, by ensuring the farmers have access to loans with comprehensive financial and technical guidelines to ensure quality execution.

The process is supported by a dedicated team, who continuously improve farming practices by means of introducing appropriate technology and clustering farmers in such a way that they can be competitive in the market space.

What makes Timbali different?

imbali’s reliable Prototype-System-Driven-Cluster-Model tips the balance in favour of the small holder farmer by using a system-dependent business format. This enables small businesses to consistently deliver a predictable, high-quality product to the market, resulting in significant economic benefits.

Clustering is one of Timbali’s key success factors. This is the grouping of farmers together to share services and to create a bulk buying power. 

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On-Farm Extension Services.

On-Farm Extension Services provided by Product Services and Facilities Officer.
A Product, Services and Facilities (PSF) Officer is allocated to each cluster that serves 10-15 farmers to
do on farm extension services, trouble shooting and monitor adoption of training and technology transfer.
Senior PSF Officer: Sydney Nkosi.

Our Growth

From 2004 – 2023, we started from humble beginnings and through our market demands and innovative service, Timbali has grown in a fundamental project endorsed by major corporations and government entities.