Timbali continues to show a success rate of 100%.

Timbali’s support for Black Economic Empowerment and Women Empowerment as national agenda points are exemplary. With 100% of our clients being black, and 84% being female, Timbali’s Technology Incubator continues to assist 100% of these agri-businesses to survive their first and second year in business.

Timbali Technology Incubator has an integrated system that makes complicated processes accessible to the bottom 50% of the population.

Small scale farmers benefit from the franchise concept through Timbali’s enabling environment. This enabling environment is created by coordinating, communicating and standardizing systems in a replicable way, which allows for the accommodation of individuals with a basic level of skills. This process enables predictable, quality and reliable supplies of produce.

The amaBlom farmers have consistently outperformed the national market average for the past seven years.

Farmers benefit from Timbali’s packaged technology, quality and business systems, compete sustainably, and even outperform competition in the market place.

The impact of the WW Trust on Timbali was that two new PSF Officers (Extension Officers) were appointed to serve the extra 20 new beneficiaries – 9 ladies successfully received loan financing from Standard bank valued at R 823 071, which resulted in an increase of their vegetable production and sales. 13 ladies successfully obtained loan financing valued at R 953 957. They received 1 238 on farm visits with written recommendations.

Loan Financing Applications submitted in rand value.
Total loan applications approved.
Total distributed loans in rand value.