Nevhulamba Azwitamisi Caswell

Multi entrepreneur awards winner from district to national level.

Province: Limpopo

District/Branch name: Vhembe- Gumbu Village

Business Name: Evah General trading

Business type: Sole proprietorship(Crop production)

20 May 2019


Nevhulamba Azwitamisi Caswell is a 35 year young farmer who started farming 2014. He started his company Evah General trading 2014. He joined Timbali Technology Incubator in 2016. He has 15ha of farm. He is a member of tomato grower association. He produces vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, Butternut and green peppers He supplies local markets such as Spar supermarket and Shoprite with green peppers ,tomatoes and butternut

The challenges which he experienced:

  • Relied heavily on one reliable Markets.
  • Lack of knowledge of potential markets.
  • Lack of economies of scale and an inability to negotiate the best price for produce.
  • Access to export opportunities and markets
  • Inputs cost
  • Lack of business skills such as record Keeping

Intervention / Solution:

  • Timbali helped him with Business development processes such as
  • Record keeping (Income and expenses)
  • Innovations
  • Quantifications
  • Orchestration
  • Timbali assisted him with export opportunities and markets.
  • Timbali introduced the clustering module system to minimise costs

Outcome / Results

Income is very high while expenses was very low. This means that the business were able to use low input cost to produce quality products and also able to sell this product at a good price. Timbali’s technical and business trainings assisted his business to minimize input cost while increase income.

The quality of the products have improved which made their products to be marketed.

His financial management and administration has improved. As a result of good administration he was also able to qualify for a production loan from a Financial institution, Land Bank to purchase a mini truck for the transportation of his produce to the market

The pillar for his success was the improved market intelligence.

He won the young entrepreneur awards. Technical KPIs have been improved such as irrigation, fertilization, chemical application, planting schedules and global gap accreditation.

He gained new customers and now supplies to the Fresh Produce markets such as Johannesburg and Tshwane.

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