Florah Ngomane

District: Ehlanzeni, Nkomazi, Mpumalanga

Tenure: 2010

Produce: Fresh vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, and tomato.



Florah Ngomane is the founder of a business that produces fresh vegetables such as cabbages, lettuce and tomatoes. The business Started operating in the year 2010 in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga province at Ehlanzeni district.  All produced products are sold fresh for fresh consumption to various traders & mainly to local hawkers.  She produces on 4 hectares available land.

The challenges experienced:

• Technical Know-How: Florah lacked technical practical knowledge of using appropriate pest and disease control and fertilizer programs.

• Financial support for input costs: Florah could not get loan financing to optimize production to enable her to purchase the correct inputs to improve her production.

• Access to proper markets: Her challenge was to produce quality products to supply specific markets profitably. She had received substantial training by various reputable institutions, but that had not directly impacted her profitability. Lack of economies of scale and an inability to negotiate the best price for produce.

Intervention / Solution:

Timbali allocated well experienced field technicians (Product Service and Facilitator Officers) to Florah who, through their frequent visits to her farm provide frequent recommendations/solutions to all issues observed in the field at production level. She uses the relevant Operations Procedure Manuals required for fertilizer and chemical programs.

• Finance the inputs: Through Timbali facilitation, Florah received a loan from Standard Bank valued at R82 086 @ 0% interest rate. This assisted her to improve her quality and yields.

• Market Access: Timbali introduced her to formal markets such as RSA and Hello Choice & One Farm Share.

Outcome / Results

With Timbali intervention, Florah’s revenue increased by 45% over the past year.
By attending Timbali’s marketing workshops where she met people from the markets in person, as well as the input finance loan, Florah is now capable of producing quality products which could be sold to a higher-level market. Her profitability bottom line was impacted positively.

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