Our VISION is to be the recognised leader in enabling and supporting smallhold commercial farmers to create sustainable wealth through a scalable model that has direct market access. Our MISSION is to identify market opportunities for these farmers which they are successfully able to serve..



Our Brands

With the market at the core of our model, the brands we build are very important given that our entrepreneurs

are strongly associated with them. Our brands promise the market that it can expect the highest quality produce

365 days of the year. Our farmers understand the value of selling under a collective brand.



We are proud of our achievements!

The story of two changed lives

Koekie Scholtz and Selina Ndou were unemployed, unskilled single mothers when they joined Timbali. Today these two suc...

Timbali returns excellent results

In the 2016 financial year, Timbali managed three funder contracts, namely SEDA, the Limpopo Department of Agriculture...

Flower design of the month

ANATOMY OF A MESH: A mesh consists of triangles arranged in 3D space to create the impression of a solid object. A tri...

Stories from around Timbali

It is our pleasure to share the success stories of four more Timbali farmers in this edition for Grow. These remarkabl...

Sustainability the Timbali way

Timbali derives its sustainability as an organisation from two sources: donor funding to fulfill its skills developmen...

success stories

Top Achievers

At Timbali we are proud of our Top Achievers and strive to give each of our farmers the best opportunity to be successful.

Thomas Maminza

" Attention to detail makes Thomas’s production standa..."

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Thomas Maminza

Name: Thomas MaminzaAge: 24 yearsTenure: Since 2015Produce: Brinjal, Baby Marrow Thomas is a farmer at the Agri Par...

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Alucia Ngobeni

" Diversification as a business strategy allows Alucia to cr..."

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Alucia Ngobeni

Name: Alucia NgobeniAge: 45 yearsTenure: 7 years (since 2002)Produce: Mainly Gerbera and now also expanding to Peppe...

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Johan Khoza

" Whatever gets measured, gets managed. ..."

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Johan Khoza

Name: Johan KhozaAge: 31 yearsTenure: Since 2005Produce: Gerbera South Africa’s high rate of unemployment, po...

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