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The Proof is in the Pudding
Don’t tell me your plans.
Show me your results.

Pie ChartDevelopment and incubation models are a dime a dozen.
However, those that are truly successful and turn from a pipe dream that looks good on paper into a blood, sweat and tears solution that works in the real world are rare. In 2014 Timbali embarked on our largest plan to date – we’ve since initiated a larger project. We implemented the Jobs Fund 3 contract to create a significant amount of jobs and build two new pack houses in a short period of time.

It was the ultimate test for the Timbali model and team.

Why do we rate our model highly? 
As it is a proven model that has been implemented on different scales, in different sectors and different environments, with consistent results. The Timbali model is more than just theoretical. It is a system that takes individuals – including staff, markets and the farmers – through a well-planned process to “step by step” work towards the results. The goal of becoming the largest BBBEE in the country was a lofty one. It was a goal we had at the back of our minds while we did the daily implementation. Currently, Timbali’s amaVeg farmers own 5% of the local baby vegetable export market and have commitments to grow this market share to 25%.

At the end of the day, our results speak for themselves. We have an end game in mind to create sustainable Timbali-agriparks that connect entrepreneurs to guaranteed sustainable livelihoods in the most rural areas.

What is our model?
Coordinated production driven by market demand: Objective is aimed at recruiting, planning, establishing infrastructure, product development and acquiring production loan financing hereby production is coordinated within the cluster to satisfy market demand.
Coordinated supply chain driven by Global Gap accreditation: Objective is aimed at consistently meeting market demand with predictable high-quality products.
Coordinated market supply: Objective is aimed at consistently delivering a quality product to the market through quality control, logistics, marketing and sales.

success stories

Top Achievers

At Timbali we are proud of our Top Achievers and strive to give each of our farmers the best opportunity to be successful.

January - March 2019

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