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 Goodman, is a 23-year-old young lady with six dependents. She was unemployed and unable to provide for her family. She joined Timbali Technology Incubator with the hopes to become a successful farmer and through farming provide for her family. 20-year-old Khanyisile has three dependents. After the loss of her parents, she had to give up her education and look for an opportunity to earn money to make a living. Khanyisile could not find employment until she joined Timbali on Agri-Park H. Both Goodman and Khanyisile joined Timbali with little farming experience, no knowledge on scientific farming and no business development skills. Goodman had tried her hand at farming, but did not succeed in her business and had accumulated debt.



For both of these farmers, joining a supportive team of Business Unit Managers (BUM) and mentors made the difference in their success. Regular technical skills transfer sessions (training) on a number of scientific farming aspects, business and financial management supports these two farmers and enables them to become successful farmers. Technical skills transfer includes training on crop protection, fertilisation, engineering operation and harvesting.

Both these farmers understand the fundamental role of primary, secondary and tertiary conceptualised farming. Additional to the technical and business training, both Goodman and Khanyisile join other farmers in Life skills training. The Life skills training enables these farmers to believe in themselves and others. It equips them with the confidence to make decisions and take ownership of their decisions and businesses. It also teaches them that a healthy body houses a healthy mind, and that they can’t become successful farmers if they do not look after themselves first. They have implemented the knowledge they gained from the training sessions and have reaped the rewards.

Goodman’s average monthly output of baby marrows is 24 tons and she harvests an average of 312 crates, while Khanyisile harvests an average of 336 crates. Goodman contributes 10.4% and Khanyisile 11.2% towards the overall turnover of Agri-Park H. The Timbali model embraces individuals, no matter their age, skills or background, and provides them with a farming business format that enables ordinary people to deliver a repetitive, predictable high quality product. Timbali provides these 

two young farmers with the knowledge, training, mentoring and support en route to successful farming.

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Top Achievers

At Timbali we are proud of our Top Achievers and strive to give each of our farmers the best opportunity to be successful.

January - March 2019

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