Netshimboni Mulomoni Aron


Age: 53

Tenure: 2004

20 May 2019


Netshimboni Mulomoni Aron is a 53 years old man, farming in Limpopo at Nwanedi Travenna. Growing up in a farming family, He left the teaching career to follow his parent’s footsteps. Aron’s decision leave teaching career to start farming business was an easy one for him. In the year 2004, He started her own farming operations trading under the business name of MA Netshimboni PTY (Ltd). Aron joined Timbali technology incubator in 2016 and is currently farming under the Timbali Cluster 4, producing vegetables such as Tomatoes and butternut as his main commodities. he is currently operating her farming business on a 25 hectors of production area.

The challenges which he experienced:

  • Lack of business skills such as financial management, business planning administration and marketing
  • Did not have business plan review
  • Unskilled staff for that business type
  • Poor clientele
  • Lack of knowledge of the market they are operating in
  • Poor / no marketing for the business.
  • Access to export opportunities and markets
  • Inadequate equipment (office or operational)
  • Linkage/ Mentorship

Intervention / Solution:

  • The Business Advisor did counselling with the farmer about Business development processes, record keeping, quantification, data driven decisions such as soil analysis
  • Outcome/ Results.
  • With Timbali intervention the business’s turnover increased by 70% – Market links
  • The quality of the produce has improved which made their products to be marketed. Tomato Yield per ha has improved from 40tons to 70tons per ha

Role model to Nwanedi Youth

During the school holidays, the students from University of Venda are doing the practical experience on his farm. He can accommodate 10 students and provide them with accommodation and food. Timbali assisted him with business developments system to add value on his business. Timbali also implemented the franchise business systems on his business

Job Creations

Aron employed 12 employees on permanent basis and 5 of them are South African. He also employed 20 temporally employees with high number of women (20) and youth (15).

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